Igniting creativity in companies

KILN provides products and content that ignite team creativity. Creativity stimulus, brainstorming frameworks, idea generation tools, and inspiring keynote talks for business audiences. Companies use KILN to ramp up their innovation process, unleash the creative potential of their people, inspire leaders. If you need breakthrough ideas and bold questions, use KILN.


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KILN's products make creative thinking part of everyday business life. 

KILN fires up firms to do better, grow faster, create more value:

  • Creative problem-solving
  • Faster formal innovation
  • Better responses in crisis
  • Plain and simply, more competitive

Teams love KILN because it helps them

  • Tune in to the wider world, in all its diversity
  • Be more creative
  • Achieve more, faster
Opening an IdeaKeg - proven to improve ideation

Opening an IdeaKeg - proven to improve ideation

CPSI Conference 2013

CPSI Conference 2013

KILN is proud to sponsor the 60th Annual CPSI Conference. The Creative Problem Solving Institute is the place to learn the Osborn-Parnes framework for Creative Problem-Solving.

18-22 June 2014 in Buffalo, NY. 

You can access the power of KILN through our products, our keynotes and our training workshops. Explore the site. Enjoy our movies. Sign up for KINDLING. Better still, get in touch

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