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Kindling August 2014

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Where to work with KILN at CPSI

Here's the run-down of when and where you can find KILN principals at CPSI:

  1. Dinner honouring Sid Parnes - pm Tues 17 June

  2. Springboard to Creative Problem Solving - Gregg co-leads one of the five teams

  3. StoryFORMing - Kate leads an Extending Track session Thur 19 June 4pm-5.30pm

  4. Innovisation: A Mighty Mashup of Improvisation and CPS - with Doug Stevenson, Gregg co-leads an Extending Track session Thur 19 June 8pm-9.30pm

  5. Kinesthetic Mash-Ups for Breakthrough Thinking - Gregg leads an Extending Track session Sat 21 Jun 4pm-5.30pm

  6. Closing Spotlight - Making Yourself: CPS, Love and Story a keynote by Gregg and Kate Sun 22 Jun 12noon-1pm

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KILN to close 60th Annual CPSI Conference

How does CPS transform people? The closing spotlight at the 60th Annual Creative Problem Solving conference offers some answers from two very different people who share a love of story and a lifelong commitment to story: Gregg Fraley and Kate Hammer of KILN. Creative expression, fulfillment, and real-world effectiveness happen more powerfully thanks to CPS, the legacy of Sid Parnes and Alex Osborn. By framing their own experiences, KILN speakers will light the path for your journey home and your unfolding future.

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60th Annual CPSI

CPSI (Sip-see) is the leading conference for group creativity practices. Based in Buffalo, NY the conference grows out of decades of work on effective group creative practices fostered by Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes. 

In 2013, KILN was proud to sponsor the conference. In 2014, KILN returns.

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FORMing stories from wishes at MRS Creativity Lab

I was pleased to be asked to contribute to a Creativity Lab afternoon hosted by the UK Market Research Society (MRS) in London.

The 60-minute session began with a glimpse at the story of This One's 4 Ruby which is always special to share. We moved from there to wishes. The phrase "I wish…." is a powerful one for innovators and inventors. It was great to hear the rustle and occasional gentle laughter as people allowed themselves to wish. With our wishes spread across the flowers like dandelion orbs about to seed, I shared a story of great ingenuity as a way of introducing the StoryFORMs framework.

People then worked on their own StoryFORMs, individually or in groups. One table of seven imagined a dream recording machine. Another group of five dreamt up a system of rain quotas that would redirect unwanted showers to drought-ridden areas. It was a joy to ask and field questions, and our hour together was quickly up.

Here are some photos, taken of the group that gathered in the Crypt at St James Church in Clerkenwell, just around the corner from our old offices at Clerkenwell Workshops. 

Don't Waste an Opportunity

Nicola Millson of 6heads accepted my story - about - a new venture that is providing online education and open-access resources for businesses & municipalities to learn how to recover organic waste and keep it out of landfills. I'm honoured to be on the Advisory Board.

You can read the story here.

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IMPACT 2014 - meet who's coming to play with KILN

At the Market Research Society's annual idea-festival, KILN will bring 6 IdeaKegs into a room where teams of 8 will tackle a real-world challenge in just 55 minutes. To help us, we've assembled a terrific team of talented individuals. Take a moment and meet them each now.

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Two KILN founders named as Top 40 Innovation Bloggers

For 2013, both Gregg Fraley and Kate Hammer were named as Top 40 Innovation Bloggers by the global portal, Innovation Excellence

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