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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Are ideas really a dime a dozen???

Gregg Fraley

There is a pervasive and growing cliché in the innovation business, and it’s starting to drive me a bit nuts, ready?

“Ideas are a dime a dozen” and it’s usually coupled with the thought “it’s not about ideas, it’s about execution.”

On one level, this is indisputable. There are indeed a lot of ideas out there swimming around looking for a home. We all have lots of ideas, well, many of us have lots of ideas. Execution is — absolutely — a big missing in many organizations. However…

It’s my belief that truly great ideas, those that have big impact, or are breakthrough concepts, are NOT a dime a dozen. A truly great idea might be as rare as a four-leafed clover. So, in my view it’s not about ideas or execution. It’s about ideas AND execution.

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