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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Training brains

Kate Hammer

"Trained brains" is the phrase creative facilitators give to the extra creative muscle they hire in on a per-session or per-project basis. We've turned the phrase on its head, and had a think instead about: training brains.

Training builds up the innovation capability of any team. Training converts the will to have a more innovative culture into a day-to-day reality. Gregg's post Training as an Innovation Accelerant sums this up neatly. 

At KILN, we've used our experiences training others to formulate the IdeaKeg range of galvanising products. 


Nothing enlarges your imaginative capabilities like Creative Problem Solving  (CPS) training. CPS builds your ability to reframe problems, generate breakthrough ideas and plan for action. It’s an invaluable approach at the fuzzy front-end of innovation. Using CPS also helps resolve conflict in lower-performing teams, improves active participation by more introverted team members and boosts leadership skills. 

One of the wonderful thinks about the state-of-the art best practices in the Osborn-Parnes methodology is that the framework has evolved over more than six decades.

Foresight & stories

To work more effectively with research insights and foresight, people need to become oriented  to working with complex knowledge as the impetus for front-end of innovation cycles.

Managers and teams will be commissioning and reviewing insights, trends, foresights, scenarios.  A range of of tools & techniques will ensure your outputs are useful and relevant to your organisation’s innovation process.

Stories are a powerful tool to communicate about uncertain futures. Stories will help you enrol people in FEI conversations and can make a real difference in winning management buy-in for innovative product and service concepts. One of the newer commercial narrative techniques is called StoryFORMs - it was created by KILN co-founder Kate Hammer.  

Innovation Management

Training in Innovation Management specifically can help leaders, managers and team members understand the innovation process, develop an innovation culture and lead robust innovation cycles. Our view on useful training is that it must get down to the level of behaviours. For example, a key capability is how to facilitate the variety of meetings and conversations that FEI work requires, including facilitating virtual ideation.

Because behavior and attitude are so important to an flourishing innovation culture, mentoring can be as important as course-based learning. Mentoring is especially relevant when: leaders are striving to instil a more effective innovation culture; or team members at an early career-stage moved into innovation work from another discipline, such as engineering or marketing. 

Underpinning capabilities

Innovation is a real buzz word these days. And lots of firms promise to help build company innovation capabilities. On our more judgement days, we tend to feel that few training organisations can bring the rigour and richness KILN brings to your organisation. (This page gives a glimpse at our track record.)

But it's not just about first-hand experience. At KILN, we've created two core capabilities: First, our awareness that globally, culture and culture changes matter to businesses; which we scan in our TrendTrail  process. Second, our knowledge of how breakthrough innovation happens via whole-brain creative thinking. We express this in FuseTrail, the holistic innovation process that takes team leaders step-by-step through how to run a robust innovation cycle from stimuli to concept presentation.

So while we don't heavily market our training services, we're happy to help you learn how to do more creative, more responsive innovation work in your company setting.