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Looking back at the 2012 Intersection Event


Looking back at the 2012 Intersection Event

Kate Hammer

KILN sponsored the Inaugural Intersection Event at Pixar HQ back in January, 2012.

To rev up interest in the 2013 event (which is by-invitation, only), the Intersection team have prepared this video. We’re delighted to see KILN’s Chief Solver Gregg Fraley featured.

Catalyzing meaningful encounters

And what’s most exciting is to hear first-hand from so many participants that the conversations KILN helped kindle really did work.

All the folks you see on stage (including Pixar President Ed Catmull, actress Susan Sarandon and IDEO Chief Exec Tim Brown) joined in a closed day-long session at Pixar HQ the day before the conference. One element of that day was session was an IdeaKeg interaction Gregg facilitated.

IdeaKeg was used to generate questions, which were sent on to Chicago and London, where we had teams generating ideas that “answered” the question. We then compiled the material to tell the 200+ attendees what common theme would be discussed where during breakouts.

Here’s an example:

In the session with Gregg, speakers generated the “intersection question”: “How might we create sustainable financial models for socially innovative businesses?” This question was assigned to Breakout Room 6. Attendees might be hooked by the question, or by one of the ideas responding to the question, eg:

“Maybe you’re thinking of creating a new biodiversity currency akin to carbon credits”
“Or even contracting beneficiaries to pay it forward”
“Perhaps your big idea is mortgage and pension schemes for social innovators.”

The call to action was: “If you’re thinking of creating sustainable financial models for socially innovative business, head to Meeting Room #6.” And it worked. In a session less than an hour long, scores of people found others – from different industries, cities or walks of life – who shared their thematic interest.

None of the content for these breakout conversations existed before the Intersection of creative people the day before. What did exist was the framework for creating questions and jamming ideas.

If you’d like an introduction to the organisers of The Intersection, please drop us a line.

If you’re holding an event – for the general public or for very senior people – and you’re interested in co-creating content in real-time, feel free to get in touch.