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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Kindling: Brain Fuel for March 2013

Kate Hammer

In the last KINDLING, we asked our network please to keep us in the loop with what you’re up to, and keep referring your network to KILN. People seem to really tune in. Since we opened the door, we’ve received:

  • Referrals
  • Requests for proposals to train, speak and help power company innovation projects
  • Offers to host open workshops and
  • Confirmed paid bookings
  • Invitations to join in closed conversations on big themes

All great stuff. Please keep thinking of KILN for creativity. And please stay in touch.


StoryFORMs: Narrating Change. An open workshop in York. Places still available. Book now.

Branding and design agency United by Design based in York, England is hosting KILN’s Kate Hammer for a three-hour open workshop on StoryFORMs.Participants from a range of service and other businesses will learn the basics of this new storytelling tool. That’s because StoryFORMs offers people a way to see beyond what they do or offer, to the impact they hope and expect it has. Digital identity specialist Dr Abhay Adhikari, who instigated the event, says “I’m looking forward to looking forward.”
To learn more about the workshop, visit here.To see Kate presenting StoryFORMs at City University’s Innovation, Creativity and Leadership Day mid 2012, visit here. If you’d like to host a StoryFORMs open workshop in your city (including London), please get in touch. Kate is now booking dates through mid July.

The Yahoo! Debate

The business press and blogosphere has been foaming at the mouth about Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer’s decision to stop remote working by mid-year. We’ll shortly be publishing our view on this decisive action (spoiler: even as working parents, we’re all in favour of her bold move).But we thought you’d like to know, we were watching Yahoo! even before her remote working memo started making headlines. Here’s the story Chief Scanner Indy Neogy wrote soon after their quarterly analyst briefing. Brought to you by Intelligent HQ.

A conversation in London about innovations in African Higher Education

Social and environmental change catalyst Nicola Millson approached KILN with a very special invitation. Nicola supports a unique South African university called TSiBA.In mid-May Nicola will be hosting TSiBA’s co-founder Leigh Meinert in London. Who do we know who would dive into a conversation about innovations in tertiary education?
We’ve already connected Nicola with a handful of interested people. But if you’d like participate or help spread the word, please email us.You’ll find Nicola on Linkedin here and on Twitter @nicolamillson


Innovation 2.0: KILN and Cognistreamer

A small group converged on London’s stylish Eight Club Moorgate in late January for a morning-long Innovation Know-How seminar featuring senior speakers from KILN and CogniStreamer, a premier Idea Management System provider.We ♥ IMS because a good software platform frees teams to do their best thinking – over time.We ♥ CogniStreamer because we think this Belgian-based global provider has created a digital framework for innovation discussions that harnesses the most productive capabilities of socia media and web 2.0. Director of Innovation Wim Soensgave an in-depth explanation of the rationale for and effectiveness of the framework. KILN’s Chief Storyteller Kate Hammer  explained the 3C’s of innovation: creativity, culture and conversations.Delegates were articulate in their praise. The session met or exceeded expectations. The small group said they enjoyed a rich, collaborative experience. All attendees would recommend such a session to others, including innovation managers and senior managers. So if you’d like an Innovation Know-How Seminar in your company, please get in touch.

Rockin’ in the Rocky Mountains

In early February Gregg Fraley delivered one of his signature keynotes to a tough audience of peers: The Colorado Chapter of America’s National Speakers Association. As always, Gregg was a hit.To learn more about KILN’s keynote speakers, visit here.

Cambridge U B-School Recap

Last autumn, Gregg was a guest lecturer at the Judge Business School Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. Just as our previous KINDLING Edition was being HTML’d, Judge Business School published Gregg’s summary blogpost. You can read it here.


Whirlpool wins the M-Prize

One of the people who responded to our last KINDLING was Moises Norena, Global Director of Innovation. In late January he learned he had made the cut and was a finalist for the HBR-McKinsey M-Prize for Innovating Innovation.Could we help him raise his story’s profile in the innovation community?The answer of course was yes, for the simple reason that Whirlpool has a great story. There is a lot to learn from their long, steady and committed innovation journey. With so many companies marginalizing innovation or just plain doing it poorly or inefficiently, Whirlpool is an inspiration.KILN’s Chief Solver Gregg Fraley travelled to Whirlpool’s Benton Harbor headquarters in Michigan and interviewed Moises.

IntelligentHQ trusted our nose for a story and managed to publish the interview here, ahead of the voting deadline.


Culture makes a blind side hit

In case you missed it, Chief Scanner Indy Neogy has written about how Unilever got it wrong with its acquisition of Slim-Fast. Have a read, and then ask yourself: are we risking a blind-side hit because we’re not tuning into wider cultural trends?

Gregg Fraley’s next London talk is already sold out

Thanks to links forged via The Urbano Network, Gregg Fraley is delivering his keynote “Creativity: The key to problem solving in your business” to a diverse audience of London-based business folk on 21 March 2013. Hosted by The Gestalt Centre, a great value conference centre in London’s vibrant Shoreditch area, Gregg’s talk was fully booked in less than a week.The good news is: you’ll be able to catch Gregg presenting online. Through associates of the State of Creativity in Oklahoma based in Ireland, Gregg had been invited to contribute to TEDx Stormont in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 28 March. The theme is: Imagine.We’ll post the link to his latest TEDx talk as soon as it’s available.

Kindling is brought to you by KILN creators:

Indy Neogy,  Kate HammerGregg Fraley

Remember: 8 April 2013 StoryFORMs workshop. Places are booking quickly. Click here to sign up now!