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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Have you heard of CPSI?

Gregg Fraley

KILN is a sponsor of the upcoming CPSI conference. Have you heard of CPSI (pronounced “SibSEE”)?

CPSI is back on a college campus this year at its historic home State University of Buffalo in New York. CPSI is not, strictly speaking, an innovation conference. It’s more about how to leverage your thinking in order to be innovative. It’s more fundamental, and at the same time, weirdly, often more advanced.

If you haven’t attended this conference here are five reasons why you might consider going:


CPSI is where CPS is taught, and CPS is the best possible framework for creativity, innovation, and complex problem solving. CPS is short for the Osborn-Parnes model of Creative Problem Solving. It’s been studied and proven to work well. It serves remarkably well as a general framework for innovation, but it can be used within other methods and structures like Six Sigma. CPS is a three-phase model of Exploration, Ideation, and Action taking. Within that model there are a myriad of tools and techniques for better research, problem framing, idea generation, solution development, and implementation. CPS is a power tool that can accelerate innovation, use it with caution, and learn it from the masters at CPSI.

CPS is a power tool that can accelerate innovation


CPSI is where “real” brainstorming is taught – the kind that works — not the dreck that often passes for brainstorming. Contrary to popular opinion (and it seems every month there is another article on why brainstorming doesn’t work) brainstorming does work. It’s the best way to generate ideas we know – IF it’s done with proper preparation, AND facilitation, AND training of participants. Real brainstorming, as Osborn defined it, is an effective tool for innovators. Learn how to do it right and you’ve got a leg up. Don’t be confused – the academic studies that show that brainstorming doesn’t work are not measuring Real Brainstorming. There are two threads of research around brainstorming and one thread assumes no facilitation, no training, and in general “cold” idea generation. This does not work, but that’s not brainstorming as defined by the man who coined the term. The research that sticks to the original definition shows remarkable efficacy.

Research into true brainstorming shows remarkable efficacy


CPSI is where facilitators come to learn their trade. It’s the most official non-official certification for facilitation and creativity training in the world. If you are thrust into the role of facilitating you already know how challenging it can be. Facilitating a visioning, strategy, brainstorming, or solution development meeting effectively is often the difference between success and failure. Many facilitators we see, even those with training, are often glorified note takers. We often see they rely too much on one set of tools (such as Post-It Note® brainstorming). CPSI is where a facilitator can go from being a one-trick pony to a creative jack-of-all-trades. You want advanced techniques? CPSI is where to learn them.

Where creative facilitators come to learn their trade


CPSI is often where personal transformation happens. CPSI defies the norms of typical conferences — while what’s learned there is often applied to business, many people return to the conference year after year in order to recharge their personal batteries. It’s informal, it’s accepting, it’s diverse, and it’s tolerant of the wild fringe, the touchy feely — and the serious business types. Don’t be fooled by the super casual and homespun feel, corporate types from a who’s who of Fortune 1000 companies attend CPSI, and on the company’s dime. They come because it’s the ultimate saw-sharpener. If you want to learn something unexpected about yourself this is the conference for you.

a place for personal transformation


CPSI is where applied creativity started. Founded by Alex Osborn himself, CPSI was the very first creativity conference — by years and years, 1953 was the first. It’s is the oldest and longest running creativity conference in the world and it has in turned spawned conferences in Italy, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil. It has fostered a community that continues to spread applied creativity concepts around the world. It was started for the educational community, preceding by at least 50 years Sir Ken’s TED speech. It spread to the business community but has always retained a core group of educators. This diversity is a real boon to business folk: after all, much of their working lives, they spend in the “walled gardens” of their corporations. Any diversity within those walls typically pales when it comes to the real world of consumers and users.

CPSI is the cradle of applied creativity

If CPSI 2013 is already on your calendar, we look forward to seeing you there.