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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Kindling: Brain Fuel for June 2013

Kate Hammer

Since the last KINDLING, we’ve been busy:

  • Gregg has been to Belfast, to share mashup thinking with the TEDxStormont audience at the Northern Irish Assembly. Our article on mashups appeared on Innovation Management shortly before he left. And then to FEI in Boston. Plus training and ideation sessions in Tulsa, Chicago and virtually.
  • Indy has curated Editions 16 and 17 of IdeaKeg. Edition 18 is due out later in June. The KILN archive is building!
  • And Kate has run three  StoryFORMs workshops in the UK, and her piece on Using Story in Innovation Work  on Innovation Management has been warmly received and widely circulated.

But with all that, here’s what we’re most excited about: the launch of IdeaKeg Single and KILN’s first visit to CPSI.


CPSI Conference: Unleash the Possible June 20-23, 2013

Have you heard of CPSI (pronounced “SibSEE”)? CPSI is back on a college campus this year at its historic home State University of Buffalo in New York. CPSI is not, strictly speaking, an innovation conference. It’s more about how to leverage your creative thinking in order to be innovative. It’s more fundamental, and at the same time, weirdly, often more advanced. It might be the most under-rated conference in the world.

And KILN is delighted to be a sponsor.

If you haven’t attended this conference here are five reasons why you might consider going. Read on>


KILN launches IdeaKeg™ Single

Teams of all sizes can now enjoy brainstorm sessions with real objects of cultural relevance

The first-ever 3-dimensional cultural insights stimulus box is now available to in-company teams and external facilitators for single-session use.

IdeaKeg Single offers teams a tangible, affordable, fun way to use KILN in Away Days and Brainstorms. You can run a whole workshop using IdeaKeg Single or include it as an exciting element in a broader agenda. In IdeaKeg Interactions, you’ll quickly find you ask bolder questions and generate your best ideas.

In an IdeaKeg Single, subscribers receive a box via Fedex that contains 7 cultural artifacts from all aspects of life. Each item represents an emerging trend, or is highly provocative as stimulus for ideation. Online materials (including a short movie) demonstrate how to use IdeaKeg effectively.

The new IdeaKeg Single provides a number of benefits to team leaders and group session facilitators.

IdeaKeg Single is multi-sensorial. Teams using IdeaKeg get to grips with cultural shifts and behaviour changes in a tangible form. This drives “breakthrough” thinking. Physical objects are plainly better at provoking new ideas than trend decks.

“The contents are inspiring” – senior research manager, major food manufacturer using IdeaKeg since 2011

IdeaKeg saves time. KILN curates the collection, ensuring relevance. Our highly qualified team spots trends, makes sense of them and shares them in the form of physical objects. Users never have to read more than 300 words to make sense of an object.

Huggies Little Swimmer® Inventor Paula Rosch observes: “Many companies have that ‘eccentric’ person whose office always looks like a museum store, shelves and desks filled with every imaginable item, from bath salts to kaleidoscopes to nanos. This individual has a knack for monitoring and collecting popular culture, from design to technology, giving it shelf space and allowing time for it to percolate into a valuable connection or idea. Not surprisingly, this is the office where a lot of the ideas come from.” IdeaKeg Single fills the gap if your business doesn’t have that in-house eccentric.

KILN models creative thinking. Each IdeaKeg Single includes poster-sized mindmaps containing trigger questions and leaving space for teams to add their own. By posing better questions before generating ideas, teams can be bolder and more creative without needing extra time.

“The KILN System has been used by large companies with established early-stage innovation processes since KILN launched at the Front-End-of-Innovation EMEA conference in Berlin in early 2011,” said Gregg Fraley, co-founder and Chief Solver of Kiln Ideas Ltd. “Now that our operations have scaled, we can offer IdeaKeg editions on a one-off basis. This means Away Day organisers and innovation process facilitators can bring the power and the fun of IdeaKeg interactions to the groups they run.”

To get IdeaKeg Single, please register your interest with KILN here  or email ignite[at]


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Kindling is brought to you by KILN creators:

Gregg Fraley, Kate Hammer & Indy Neogy

Remember: CPSI starts 20 June in Buffalo NY USA. Places are still available.

Click here to register>