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United Kingdom

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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Foresight: A workshop

Kate Hammer

Indy recently delivered a workshop to help leaders and teams responsible for “research”, “insights” or “foresight” become more engaged in the Front-End-of-Innovation process.

It covered a range of topics including 1) foresight and insight: what are they, how do they differ 2) tools and techniques for processing information  3) where to look for sources, and 4) how to make information actionable in a corporate or complex organisational setting. We're sharing it with you, in case it touches on a need you're experiencing. 

Workshop goals

1) To ground participants in the fundamental principles of complex knowledge

2) To empower participants to play a more active and impactful part in their firm’s FEI processes


  • Pre-work including reading
  • Mini-lectures embedded in a seminar-style discussion combined with practical activities applying knowledge and skills
  • May be suitable for remote learners, depending on the calibre of the client’s telepresence technology

Knowledge & skills gained:

  • Tools and techniques including horizon scanning, scenarios, backcasting, issue mapping, complexity studies
  • Communicating with differentiated “internal customers” across the corporate group
  • Coping with, and creating value from, uncertainty

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