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Kiln Kokoon: a conversation about becoming more global

Kate Hammer

In our Kokoon on 4 July 2011 sixteen of us met in the Community Association Hall on the Golden Lane Estate, London EC1. We entered the Kokoon with the question: 

In what ways might I become more global?

 At 4pm we began by drawing.

Senior sales executive drawing

When we entered the Kokoon we introduced ourselves by name and moved so as to sit if possible between two people we hadn’t yet met. When we spoke, we endeavoured to apply a salon format which is a “Yes…AND” style that seeks to build on an offering rather than ignite a debate. We were not thoroughly successful. Nearly all of us were able to remain in the Kokoon beyond the 6pm end time agreed. Many of us were able to stay for refreshments after. After 7pm some of us retired to the Community Association’s bar.

Beyond the conversation we all shared and the smaller conversations that followed, we at Kiln were struck by a number of themes, which we have done our best to capture for you all here. Perhaps amidst these topics you’ll find a springboard to extend your experience of Kokoon, enlarge or re-engage in the conversations or thinking.

Roads less travelled in this conversation
and avenues to explore further:

  • In what ways might I use my networks or current location to help the earth’s environment? … or fulfil some other purpose or passion?
  • Where in the world do I feel the most/least seen?
  • In what ways might I become more anchored in my locality?
  • What does “being local” mean to me today?
  • In what ways does my purpose shape my sense of place and location?
  • In what ways do my beliefs shape my experience of place, location, diversity?
  • Where else can I go? How do circumstances shape my journey?
  • Where is my satisfaction?
  • In what ways might I redefine satisfaction or success?
  • How does my stance on virtual/real interactions shape my sense of global awareness?
  • In the world, do I experience anxiety?
  • Where in the world do I see hope?
  • In what ways might I understand or enhance music’s role in a global world?

We’ll be doing more of these in the future and we’ve already thought of about 15 enhancements for the experience, so please stay tuned…and drop us a line if you’re interested in attending a Kokoon or commissioning one for your organization.