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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 



Kate Hammer

The 61st Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference returns to its cradle in Buffalo, upstate New York. KILN’s Chief Solver Gregg Fraley, a CPSI veteran, will lead a Creative Problem Solving course for newbies and two extending sessions on “Power Problem Framing Tools” (with Tim Basadur) and the Magic of Longform Improvisation with (Doug Stevenson). Kate Hammer, Chief Storyteller, returns to CPSI with storyFORMing, offering a 2.5 hour interactive workshop for leaders and mavericks. 

Here are the workshops:

Problem Framing Power Tools: Analytical and Intuitive, the complimentary methods of challenge mapping & kinesthetic mash-ups

Gregg Fraley, Tim Basadur

Problem finding, aka problem framing, is a crucial part of the CPS process. If you get it right the rest of the process is more likely to be effective and solve problems in novel ways. Many recognize the power of How Might We but have a lot of trouble getting out of the box and seeing the problem in an insightful way. There are two very powerful, and quite different, techniques Tim and Gregg will explore in this session. One is Challenge Mapping, Why, What is Stopping You, which is a logical application of divergent thinking method of getting to insightful problem frames. The other is Kinesthetic Mash-Ups which is an intuitive method that is engineered to get to breakthrough perspectives. Both methods are powerful. Tim and Gregg will review the techniques, compare and contrast, and show you how to use Both/AND in effective problem framing.

In this workshop you will:
– Learn about how to do effective challenge mapping for problem framing.
– Learn the value of kinesthetic mash-ups for problem framing.
– Learn how to combine methods to get to "fresh snow" perspectives for more effective problem framing.

CPSI Dreams - Take the CPSI Dream Home Through the Magic of Long-Form Improvisation 

Douglas Stevenson, Gregg Fraley

This is based on a proven long-form performance & facilitation vehicle we call "The Dream" (iO) or "The Challenge" (aka "Playback Theater"). In this immersive, interactive session, we will process/debrief the CPSI experience, by retelling individual & collective stories & projecting it all into the return home through long-form improvisation (Harold/Sidney). This will be a concluding/summarizing opportunity that will facilitate re-entry into the world back home. It will be an "experience"! (This is the stuff we do in Chicago theatrically and have facilitated with clients related to their work challenges. We have found that the line blurs between ideation around dreams/challenges and entertainment.)

In This Workshop You Will:
– Experience an immersive and impactful end-of-CPSI session that will allow you to process, reframe and visualize the world after you return home.
– Learn about blending creative problem solving and long-form improvisation.
– Have fun, entertain and be entertained -- and leave with a visceral, rich, multi-sensual experience that will embed CPSI in your emotional memory.

storyFORMing: Brand Building for Leaders and Mavericks

Kate Hammer
As a paper-and-pen tool, StoryFORMing helps people spot problems, assumptions and inconsistencies in their project or personal brand and address them creatively. In this introductory session, we all focus on applying storyFORMing to leaders and mavericks people at the sharp end who need to convey what they know & do, and what difference it makes to others. StoryFORMing uses divergent thinking catalyzed by question sets derived from the basic elements of a commercial story: who you serve, what you offer, what difference it makes, what the world like, and what makes you uniquely capable.

In this workshop you will:
– Produce a storyFORM for a personal brand or pet project.
– Test your brand story with workshop participants.
– Apply insights from the test to refine or rework your brand story.