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London, EC2Y 8DD
United Kingdom

+44 20 3318 5728

London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 


Diverging with your boss: It's hard

Kate Hammer

Learning Deliberate Creativity processes is more than just learning rules of engagement. Training also develops cognitive skills like divergent thinking and deferring judgement, social skills like collaboration and habits like listening. Adopting the "Yes, AND" principle of Improv makes deferring judgement easier to do. 

Or you could simply tackle challenges this way: