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London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 



And welcome to the online component of InfUSE, the online guide for using IdeaKeg.

The guidance here is scaffolding to support productive discussions. It works alongside the InfUSE cards, which you can use in the room.

We know through practice that KILN users adapt the advice to suit their circumstances. We hope that you too will tailor IdeaKeg and InfUSE to your setting.

Our goal is to help teams like yours ask bigger, bolder questions and generate novel ideas that win buy-in. Your success at driving innovation is what we’re working towards, here at KILN.

To that end, we’ve shared things to watch and other things to read.

To watch

How to run an IdeaKeg interaction
This movie lasts about 8 minutes. (It’s private. The password is in your InfUSE cards).  You can watch it with your group. We encourage to watch it first, once through, before you meet your group.

Gregg Fraley models MashUp thinking in this recent TEDx talk.

Two other movies set the stage – explaining why we created IdeaKeg and how your team can use it even more systematically.

Braver Questions, Bolder Ideas
This movie is a 5-minute introduction to IdeaKeg.

KILN System Overview
This movie is 2-minutes-49-seconds long. It shows you have you can use IdeaKeg as part of a fast, formal, flexible front-end-of-innovation system.

To read

Your IdeaKeg incites you to do conceptual blending, also known as “mashup thinking”. Here’s an article by KILN that explains mashups. Read on>

The process involves asking bolder questions and then generating ideas that respond to the questions or problem frames. To understand these “How Might We….” questions, please read this blog post>

Generating bold questions (also known as problem frames) is the first phase of a robust idea generation process. To understand all six stages, here is an article by KILN that explains the anatomy of an effective FEI cycle. Read on> 

Need more help now?

Please contact KILN for remote coaching. We can meet by phone or Skype, or answer questions by email. Remote coaching is charged at an hourly rate.

We also offer training. The blog category "workshops" gives a flavour of our different workshops.