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London, EC2Y 8DD
United Kingdom

+44 20 3318 5728

London-based creative training, consulting & strategic design company providing onsite & public courses on the Creative Problem Solving Process, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, business storytelling, applied improvisation and innovation facilitation. We run ideation sessions, we mentor, we coach, we deliver. In all we do, we're here to make you more agile & more successful in the face of change. 

KILN Keynotes

Keynotes by KILN founders

Both Gregg Fraley and Kate Hammer speak about:

  • commercial creativity and problem-solving
  • mashups and other fast tracks to breakthrough innovation
  • using trend intelligence in innovation

Beyond these common topics related to the KILN System, each are unique, passionate and compelling on a range of personal themes.

Gregg Fraley, international expert in creativity

Chief Solver Gregg Fraley is an internationally recognised authority in creative problem solving, creativity and innovation. He has shared the stage with space entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, RSAnimate star Sir Ken Robinson and WholeFoods founder John Mackey.

After a recent keynote, ESOMAR Council Member Pravin Shekar tweeted: “Keynotes should make us think-rethink-change our way of working — question more. @GreggFraley gets it 100%”

Themes include:
The Creative Choice
This keynote is Gregg’s signature speech and he’s inspired audiences around the world to make more creative, more innovative choices in life.

Holistic and Deliberate Innovation
How to fuel-inject your innovation process with a rigorous creative process and a holistic approach to innovation culture. Informed by the practical experience of a leading innovation theorist and consultant.

If Steve Jobs Worked For You, You’d Probably Fire Him
People who think “different” are incredibly valuable and yet often they leave companies or are fired, due to mis-understandings. This is a keynote about creative thinking and problem solving style and preferences. Understanding creative thinking style is a fundamental building block for innovative culture.

Creative Selling
In this keynote Gregg explores an untapped area in improving sales productivity – creativity. Good sales people are creative and have always been, but many sales people under produce because they don’t use creative ideas to solve their sales challenges.

Nine Ways to Improve a Brainstorming Session
Dramatically improve brainstorming/idea generation session results by avoiding the common mistakes most organizations make in planning and executing them.

Innovisation™ – The new method for Idea Generation that invokes spontaneous thinking
Improve brainstorming or ideation sessions with greater access to spontaneous thinking and stimulate a “yes, and” innovation culture.

Commercial storyteller Kate Hammer

KILN's Chief Storyteller Kate Hammer PhD is newer to the speaking scene, but a native of the stage. Her effortless manner sparks people’s thinking and influences their actions. “Captivating”, “riveting” and “inspiring” are three words audiences have used to describe Kate’s talks.

“Loved your presentation at the Shoppers Insights conference. You drew us all in.”

"transformative" - strategist at FedEx

I saw Kate Hammer speak at the annual CPSI Conference in June 2014. Kate is a disarming personality and seasoned speaker. She uses her exquisite storytelling skills to engage the audience and deliver rich story content, that is at once compelling and demonstrates the power of a story well-told." - improv + innovation expert

Talk titles include:
The innovation triangle: culture, creativity and conversation
Cutting through the hype, this talk is full of stories and examples about the fundamentals of innovation. Practical advice applies to firms of any size.

What I learned from Steve Jobs…and an 8-year-old named Ruby

Heroes of the purchase journey: It’s them, not you
Using different slants for different audiences, this talk explains why people gravitate to brands that make space for their individual heroism rather than positioning the brand or brand icons as supreme.

Stories in business: why and how
Tailored to skills and experience, this multi-media talk explores the story elements that have the greatest impact in business today.

StoryFORMs: Visual thinking for more compelling business endeavours
The success of the Business Model Canvas has created real opportunities for all of us to apply visual tools to our strategic conversations. StoryFORMs is a tool to use before – and after – the canvas, to grasp the reality of the people you’re targeting and how their worlds may be changing…in tune with or ahead of your business model. Essential, fun learning for anyone serious about succeeding in 21st-century business.

“Kate brings a unique combination of forensic intelligence, profound intuition and concrete experience to her work. She uses her razor-sharp perception, wit, and intellectual stamina to create themes and stories that really speak to people and make a quantifiable difference to their businesses, or their lives.”


 Together, Gregg and Kate closed the 60th annual Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference in Buffalo, NY in June 2014. 

Together, Gregg and Kate closed the 60th annual Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference in Buffalo, NY in June 2014.